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In celebration of our ethos and culture, Tugo has created “The Food Philosophy” campaign - a proposition that sums up and highlights Tugo’s unique approach to our food and our services.

We are going to showcase a series of posts to raise awareness of what we do, how we do it, and what we believe in.

“The Food Philosophy” is more than just a marketing initiative; it underpins every aspect of our approach to food and the central role that provenance and ethics play in our business.

We deliver excellence, innovation, and exceptional value to our customers, all in equal measure.

We believe the food we supply should be the best we can make it.

We believe that the food we supply should be free from GM ingredients, so we do not use them.

We believe that there is no need for artificial colours in foods, so we do not use them. We believe that artificial preservatives are largely unnecessary, so we do not use them either.

We take our responsibility to those in society with food allergies seriously, so we challenge ourselves to reduce the number of allergens in our food, and all our manufacturing facilities are nut-free.

We believe in sustainability, increasing the amount of recycled materials in our packaging, using only what we need, and giving back wherever the opportunity arises.

where do our ingredients come from?

Tugo takes great care in selecting the products that go into our brands; NEO Pizza, Burrito Cantina, 4ork and Pasta Factory.

Wherever possible, we like to use British produce to support British farmers and reduce the distance that produce travels, and we take very great care that the manufacturing partners we choose operate to the highest standards of hygiene, food safety and integrity. However, because we strive to deliver authentic, innovative, top quality products, UK production is not always available or possible.

pizza bases

100% of the flour used in our Fresh dough discs and pucks is grown in the UK and comes from the rich fields in the East of England, from Kent in the South to Leicestershire in the North. We only use farms that can demonstrate non-GM crops and have made a commitment to sustainable farming. It is milled in the UK and fortified with Thiamine, Niacin, Iron and Calcium and transported to our manufacturing centre in the Midlands, where it is turned into pizza dough by adding water, a little salt and sunflower oil, and a very special yeast. We shape the dough into pucks and discs, freeze and distribute to our customers. Only when the dough is defrosted and allowed to warm, does the yeast begin its work, proofing the dough and creating the wonderful flavour of genuine Tugo fresh dough pizza bases.

Likewise, all the flour that goes into our Stone bake and Focaccia ranges is grown and milled in the south of England. The bases are manufactured for us in Berkshire. We use a very special naturally occurring yeast to make our sour-dough bases which are allowed to prove for 24 hours before being cooked in a stone-deck oven, frozen and packaged.

Our new 60/40 Wholemeal and white bases have an added 3% fibre to make them a tasty and nutritious thin crust treat. The flour is grown, milled and fortified using 100% British wheat.


Our meats mostly come from the UK, but we also use meats from farms in other EU countries such as Ireland, Germany and France. We use these farms because they can demonstrate that they treat their animals with care and compassion, and they have all made a commitment to the five freedoms:

  1. freedom from hunger & thirst by ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigour
  2. freedom from discomfort by appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area
  3. freedom from pain injury or disease by prevention, or rapid diagnosis and treatment
  4. freedom to express normal behaviour by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and the company of the animal’s own kind
  5. freedom from fear & distress by ensuring conditions and care which avoid mental suffering

The meats made for pizza toppings are produced for us by our manufacturer in Ireland and they are part of ‘Origin Green’, a Country-wide initiative that is the only one of its kind backed by a Nation’s Government. Origin Green members have made a commitment to sustainable food and drink production, and work to ensure the resources we all enjoy today are there for the future. The Origin Green initiative ensures that there is “joined up thinking” throughout the food chain, from the farmers to manufacturers, through the delivery chain to the customer, ensuring that resources are used to their best capacity, and that there is total and complete transparency and traceability.

Our pulled meats come from Essex in the UK. Our pulled pork is certified Red Tractor, the farm on which the pigs are raised can demonstrate the highest standards of animal welfare. The pigs are free to wander through fields and light woodland, have warm, comfortable accommodation and plenty of natural ponds to keep them cool in the summer.

Red Tractor pizza toppings

We are increasing the number of Red Tractor and Higher welfare meats in the range of pizza toppings. These include a Red Tractor certified diced chicken from Lancashire and Tugo’s new Farm Assured Pepperoni carries the highest certification available for meat products; RSPCA assured. The pigs are born and reared in the South-West of England.

pizza sauce

Our pizza sauce comes from Portugal. The hot climate and rich soil produce high quality tomatoes, and we use a lot of them. Between July and October each year, our sauce factory processes 350,000 tonnes of tomatoes, all of which are grown within a 60 mile radius of the factory.

To put that in perspective, the total UK production is a mere 75,000 tonnes. The tomatoes are sun ripened and blended with a secret mix of herbs and spices, a little salt and sunflower oil. We do not add any colourings, preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

pasta sauce

Our pasta sauces are manufactured both in the UK and Ireland. Our Irish manufacturing partner is again part of Origin Green. We use this manufacturer because of their exceptionally high standards, and that they manufacture using traditional methods.

Our UK manufacturing partner is busy developing a range of sauces containing Red Tractor certified meats. These will be widely available towards the end of 2017. We use this manufacturer because of their commitment to using the very best British produce and their exceptionally high manufacturing standards.

All our sauces are made by hand, to Tugo’s own recipes and specifications, using only the finest and freshest ingredients, we believe you can taste the difference.

The majority of the ingredients used in our sauces are grown in the UK; All the fresh herbs are grown in Suffolk; onions, carrots, peppers and chillies are all grown in Kent, our tomatoes come from Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, and our Mascarpone cheese, vinegars and Rapeseed oil all come from Scotland. Butter, cream and yoghurts come from Ireland.


All our cheese is manufactured for us in Cheshire.

Tugorella, our premium 100% Mozzarella, is specially formulated to melt perfectly and cook at the same rate as our fresh dough bases. Tugorella is naturally lower in saturated fat than many other cheeses, and is also lower in salt.

Tugo Twist is a blend of pure Mozzarella and cream cheese to give a lighter, smoother melt to a pizza. It produces a flavoursome but less stringy topping, which is easier to eat on-the-go, and is very competitively priced to suit all retailers.