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Meet our Customer Service Manager, Tara Keyte!


It’s time for the second talented Tugo-tastic team member to be put under the spotlight in our spin on employee of the month!
This time, it’s the turn of everyone’s favourite Customer Service Manager, Tara Keyte to get the #wearewhatweeat treatment.
We’ll be totting up the votes to see which Tugo brand comes out on top, in our own staff poll.
The scores on the doors are currently:
Neo Pizza 1 – 1 Burrito Cantina

Name – Tara Keyte.
Position – Customer service Manager.
Favourite Tugo product – Tomato & Mascarpone pasta sauce. ‘Very tasty and not to heavy’, according to Tara…
Favourite Tugo brand – Burrito Cantina, very colourful and fun!
Guilty food pleasure – Camembert Cheese.
Food for Room101! – Onion!! It’s everywhere!!
If you could invent a Tugo topping/flavour, what would it be? – Smoked BBQ


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